That Thing We Don't Speak Of

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Right off the bat, let me get something off my chest. I have a lazy eye, a big old wonky donkey eyeball. You know when you watch a movie and the village idiot covered in poo with an eye that just won't behave like the other one. Yeah, I have one of them. It sucks but that's life.

Most people notice and don't care but it has always been there with me for as long as I can remember. This is the first time I am coming clean about it all and actually talking about it in detail.

I wasn't always like this. I have seen photographs of me as a young child and I have super straight eyes although I have no real memory of any of this. Later on, though one started moving inwards. I did have an operation to have it straightened but I think they may have got a little overzealous in tightening and loosening the muscles as it ended up moving outwards. Other than having another operation when I was around ten years of age (which I started to wake up in whilst my eyeball was hanging out) I have not pursued any other form of treatment.

Fast forward thirty years and I am now explaining my decision, mainly due to me wondering whether the advancement in medical science would benefit myself and have another, third time is a charm, operation. The reasoning means I would have to explain the condition of my eyes in greater detail.

My Left Eye

I am short sighted in my left eye, nothing special about it, just crappy vision at -3.25, nice, simple and easy to sort out with a contact lens or glasses.

My Right Eye

Now this is the awkward one, the rebel in my head. I'm not short sighted at all in it, in fact, I can pick up amazing detail the trouble is it just doesn't work correctly. If I close my left eye it will instantly straighten and start working (to an extent), although it has a blind spot like if you were to look at a bright light for a few seconds then look away.

So Why Write This?

The reason I write this post is because I had before decided to have an operation to correct the lazy eye. Trouble is after a consultation with a specialist they advised me to look further into it and think about it. This is because at present, I only look through one eye, thus so, I have no 3D vision or depth perception. So upon correcting the eye, it may start to work and then my brain will have to deal with 3D vision, which I have been told can take a period of time to adjust to. Anything from three, six or even twelve months. This can also cause headaches and most importantly I work with fine pixel-perfected details in design. Blurred vision could knock me back a year of design. This is something I am really not sure I could realistically deal with.

So if anyone knows a person or have themselves experienced something similar, please message me via twitter @sulcalibur for any and all advice on this issue. Thank you.


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