Peterborough's First STEM Festival

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A couple of weeks ago was the first ever STEM Festival to be held in Peterborough City. The 1st October 2016. It was an event that I was lucky to be an organiser of and even ran one of the most popular workshops at the event. The Minecraft one of course, folks need their Minecraft fix.

Allia Future Business Center Hosting the STEM Festival - Sulcalibur in official T-Shirt

The event itself was amazing, we had hundreds of people through the doors at the Future Business Center where it was held and numerous speakers and workshops constantly happening throughout the day. There was even the Cosmos Cambridge Science folks there causing all kinds of mayhem.

It was a wonderful event that had an amazing team on board and felt really worthwhile and motivating. The people at the event were amazing also. Some of the speakers and their topics were truly inspiring and thought provoking whilst still being highly engaging.

I strongly hope to be part of the 2017 Peterborough STEM Festival as it was an honour to be part of something so great with such inspiring people.


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