Gym Workout vs Home Workout (Part 1)

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I joined the gym for the first time earlier this year and it was great. I visited it roughly three times a week with a drop in attendance every now and then when busy. I liked the results and it made me feel better about myself. I never really had a proper plan as such but I had a basic routine. (image: weights.jpg) - Treadmill - 10min (highest incline at a very fast walk) - Bike - 10 mins (medium resistance) - Seated Fly - 2*15 reps (60k) - Seated Fly reverse - 2*15 reps (60k) - Lat Pull-down - 2*15 reps (50k) - Leg Press - 2*10 reps (250k) - Arm curls - 2*10 reps (40k) - Hamstring Curl Machine - 10 reps - Hammer Strength machine - 2*10 reps (30k) - Sauna or Steam Room (10 / 15mins) - Shower That basically worked for me, raising the bar sometimes if certain areas started feeling easier. I'll be honest, I never researched this and I know many people will tell me where I am going wrong or where I could do better but like I said, it worked and I was just getting into the groove of it all. ## Cancelled Membership Just recently I cancelled my membership for a few reasons, one being that I was spending too much time as we usually walked there (50 mins) and back (another 50 mins) as we don't drive. So just the journey was taking two hours in total. With the workout and cleaning up another hour and a half. So straight away that is around 4 hours which I could use better. I would also be super hungry after so I would chill out and have a meal somewhere (another hour). Add this to me working for various jobs and family and you can start to see where the issues are starting to pile up. So, whilst the option isn't to stop working out, the solution is to do it smarter. Ideally, at home, that way I am here if anyone needs me and I can get it all sorted as quickly as possible. ## Workout at Home I'm going to look into some workouts using the free weights at home along with using my own body weight. Also, morning runs to build up stamina along with a healthy heart. I will also be a complete nerd about it all and use as many nerdy gadgets and apps as possible because that's how I roll. (image: runners.jpg) At the moment I am at the planning stage and working out where I am able to substitute certain aspects of my workout with others and what other parts I won't be able to at all. By all means hit me back on (twitter:Sulcalibur text:Twitter) with any recommendations and advice and I will post back in a month or two with how it all worked out (pun intended ^_^).


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